Top Leadership Institutes In India

top leadership institute in india

Meaning Of Leadership

Leadership is a soft skills and a process by which a head can direct, guide, and influence the behavior and work of others and his subordinates towards the accomplishment of specific goals during a given situation. It is the ability of a manager to induce the subordinates to figure confidently and zeal.This article presents you the top leadership institutes in India.

It is the potential and ability to influence the behavior of others. it’s also defined because of the capacity to influence a gaggle towards the conclusion of a goal. Leaders are required to develop future visions, and to motivate the organizational members to need to realize the visions.

 Keith Davis once said, “Leadership is the ability to influence others to hunt defined objectives enthusiastically. it’s the human factor which binds a bunch together and motivates it towards goals.”

Characteristics Of Leadership

  • Leadership is an inter-personal process during which a manager is into influencing and guiding workers towards the attainment of goals.
  • It denotes some qualities to be present in a very person which has intelligence, maturity, and personality.
  • Leadership is a gaggle process. It involves two or more people interacting with one another.
  • A leader is involved in shaping and molding the behavior of the group towards the accomplishment of organizational goals.
  • Leadership is a situation bound. there’s no best sort of leadership. It all depends upon tackling the situations.

Types Of Leadership

A leader plays a very important role in any organization. Thus, the leadership style a frontrunner adopts can significantly contribute to organizational development. the 2 main leadership styles are –

Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership may be a contemporary approach to leadership where a frontrunner inspires followers to transcend theirs for the nice of the organization. This is often a leadership style which during which leaders motivate and encourage employees to innovate and build change which will help grow and shape the long-run success of the corporate. This type of leadership style serves to boost and increase the motivation, morale, productivity, and job performance of employees through a range of mechanisms like connecting employees’ sense of self and identity to a project and collective identity to the organization.

Transactional leadership

Transactional leadership could be a contemporary approach to leadership where a pacesetter promotes compliance by employees through rewards and punishments. this is often a leadership style that focuses on supervision, organization, and performance. The rewards, perks, and incentives increase motivation to perform effectively.

Importance Of Leadership

Leadership plays a very important role in the development of any organization. No organization can work efficiently without effective leadership. Leadership is a vital function of the management which helps to reinforce productivity and to attain organizational goals. In fact., leadership is an important part and a vital component of effective management which helps to maximize efficiency and achieve organizational goals.

The importance of leadership in organizational development can’t be denied

  • Influencing the behavior of people: a pacesetter impresses his subordinates together with his leadership ability. He brings them under his control in such the simplest way that they put in their best efforts to attain the goals of the organization. Leaders with good quality usually get good results through their followers.
  • Helps employees in fulfilling their needs: a frontrunner establishes a relationship together with his subordinates and tries to fulfill their requirements. People follow a pacesetter because he provides them security and therefore the opportunities to earn wealth, give them the proper to figure and tries to know their feelings. Employees willingly accept him because he takes care of their needs. Consequently, they work with complete dedication and enthusiasm.
  • Introducing required changes: The business environment is changing at a fast pace, so so as to face the changing environment, many alterations must be introduced within the organization. Since the people already happen to be under the influence of the leader, he can easily make them conform to implement these changes. during this way, the possible resistance to the change is eliminated with the strength of leadership ability.
  • Solving conflicts effectively: a pacesetter can effectively solve every kind of conflict be it employee vs. employee or employees vs. employer, under the burden of his influence. a frontrunner allows his followers the freedom to specific their views. that’s the rationale that he easily understands the truth of the conflict, during this way, by understanding the character of the conflict he tries to supply timely solutions and minimizes the chance of adverse results.
  • Training and Development of Subordinates: a frontrunner helps within the training and development of the workers. He makes them attentive to the fashionable techniques of labor. additionally, he makes it possible for them to be good leaders in the future.
  • Setting a transparent vision: this suggests Influencing employees to know and accept the long-run state of the organization. a decent leader will influence his followers to perform their duties by explaining the vision and therefore the importance of their role within the outcome.
  • Motivating and guiding employees: This involves checking out the requirements of the workers and fulfilling them. it’s important to define the employees’ role within the work process and supply them with the tools needed. a decent leader will explain the task and be available to help them if they run into a controversy.
  • Building morale: Building Morale includes combining everyone together towards a common goal. a decent leader will let the employees understand how much their work is appreciated. a straightforward gesture like providing praise for a task well done, or throwing a celebration to acknowledge small achievements, will regenerate their spirits.

There is excellent importance of leadership in organizational development. The role of leaders, throughout a corporation, is critical to the success of organizational development interventions. Making and make it work by maintaining worthwhile businesses require an understanding of the role of leadership in addressing the personal development of employees. Happiness and contentment may be a common goal of everyone and therefore the remainder of the items are possible means thereto goal.

Personal outcomes and performance of employees like meaning in life and individual well-being became a vital concern for organizations within the extreme competition for attracting and retaining talent. Meaning in life makes one’s life purposeful and subjective well-being is about being happy; these are important dimensions of anyone’s life, and folks expect work organizations to contribute to them. Focusing only on work-related outcomes might not be sufficient anymore.

There is a requirement to raised understand the processes by which desirable personal outcomes of employees may be enhanced. Leadership motivates people to a better level of performance through their strong human relations. It is a vital function of management which helps to maximize efficiency and to achieve organizational goals, so managers must-have traits of a leader.

Top Leadership Institutes In India

Top Leadership institutes in India is the list that we have created comes in the wake of the fact that today, more and more youngsters from different streams like science, history, arts, and even engineering.

 The article below lists the Top 10 Leadership Institutes in India. All the leadership institutes in the list below have been selected after thorough research by our research team, keeping in mind all factors like faculty experience, fees, coaching schedule, location of the center, past results, current batch, etc.

1- Indian Leadership Academy


They are India’s premier people development company dedicated to creating a world where people truly understand themselves and others to inspire them to make a positive difference in everything they do. They operate in all major cities in India and have a global presence in Dubai, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam,m, and Spain. Our primary offerings are Leadership Development Solutions, Trainer Certification Programs, Soft skills, Team Bondin,g, and NLP workshops.

DHI Leadership Center, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560076

2- Institute of Political Leadership


Institute of Political Leadership is the First & Only Political Training Institute of India which is Giving Practical political training. already Trained thousands of Political Leaders. We are into Political training & Political consultancy Since 2006. They Have different Online & Classroom Training for MP, MLA & their Family members. Beginners can also learn Political traits. For Details Can Visit our website, You can follow us on youtube by the Name of Our Mentor Shahnawaz Chaudhary Bhartiya, They Have more than One Lakh Subscribers on youtube. It is one of the best leadership institutes.

Near, New Delhi YMCA, Room no-2,
Gate No-1,1 Jaisingh Road Police station,
Sansad Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
011 64734888,

3- Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL)


The Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL) would bring out a multi-volume Encyclopedia of Good Governance Practices and Leadership Principles to be circulated among Universities, Colleges, Schools, Ministries, Departments, Embassies and International Organisations.

The Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL) has also resolved to associate, collaborate, federate and affiliate with like-minded Ministries, Departments, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations, Universities, Industries, Municipal bodies, Newspapers, Electronic and Television channels for reaching the milestone asset in our vision and mission statement.

Metro Station, B-85, IGNOU Main Rd, near Saket,
Paryavaran Complex, Sainik Farm, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

4- National School of Leadership, Pune


A group of leadership institutes established under ISRA Act of 1860 (Act 3) under DSDES

Registered under Ministry of MSME, Government of India

NSL House, Culture Crest, Spine Rd, Moshi Pradhikaran,
Sector No. 6, Moshi, Pune, Maharashtra 412105

5- Indian Society for Training and Development


The Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD), established in April 1970, is a national level professional & non-profit society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. It has a large membership of individuals and institutions involved in the area of training and development of Human Resource from Government, Public and Private Sector Organizations & Enterprises; Educational and Training Institutions and other Professional Bodies. The Society is affiliated to the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO), Geneva, and Asian Regional Training and Development Organizations (ARTDO), Manila.

ISTD Organizes Training Programs, all over the country both at Chapter and National Levels. The programs cover selected areas of HRD with special emphasis on Training of Trainers, Training Goals & Objectives, and Training tools & Technologies. A very large number of Public & Private Sector Organizations, Training Institutions Central and State Government Participate in these programs, some of which have been held in collaboration with the Planning Commission, Bureau of Public Enterprises, and the Training Division of Department of Personnel, Government Of India.

Training House, New Mehrauli Road, B-23,
Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110016
011 26867710,

6- Rave Institutes.


They are a life skills training organization offering solutions to the training needs of various organizations across all functions. Their team of experienced and energetic trainers would walk you through various modules such as Communication Skills, Change Management, Assertiveness, Stress Management, Leadership, Body Language, Goal Setting, Team Building, Flexibility, Motivation and many more to enable you to unleash your potential and work towards enhanced performance. All their training programs carry the distinct flavor of experiential training and looking beyond the classroom. They focus on interactive corporate training and learning experiences and facilitate change within an organization and individual context.

2nd 3rd Floor, B Block, Kanthishikara Buildings,
Hyderabad-82, Punjagutta, Hyderabad, Telangana 500082

7- Pragati Leadership


Over the years, Pragati Leadership has successfully created its own niche in leadership development programs with a unique approach in team alignment and team building.

Level 12, Tower C, Building 8, DLF Cyber City Complex,
DLF City Phase II, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

8- Mentora India


Mentor is one of the best leadership institutes – Corporate Outbound Team Building Company Location The Corporate Outings for Employee Engagement as a Group Picnic with Delicious Food, Loud Music, and some fun games at some resort is too old. Because people have seen this before and it’s time to show how different your thinking is. Luxurious resorts at rock bottom prices with fun and deep learnings is the theme of the time. Choosing your Outbound Team Building Partner We at Mentora – a leading corporate outbound team-building training company. Also nominated as Top 10 Corporate Team Building and Employee Engagement Companies in India, have over many outbound team building and adventurous activities and themes that can be customized to align with your requirement.

303, Shree Krishna Park, Raghoba Shankar Rd, Chandani,
Thane West, Maharashtra 400601

9- Soil School of Inspired Leadership


A leadership program provides insights and perspectives on how to tackle complicated challenges of a business environment and transforms the individuals from employees to leaders. The subjects in this program are taught by seniors of the industry and their method is considered to be the best. Such learnings bring a fresh perspective and provide swiftness of thought while handling complex issues in the progress of an organization.

Business Leadership courses enable women to be more confident during their interviews and selection processes as well since they are backed with knowledge that propels their chances of cracking a tough interview session and communication skills that are polished during their course.

Women leadership courses are a great option as more and more women entrepreneurs and business leaders are on the rise and organizations have started to levy a lot of responsibilities on them.

Plot No. 76, Bhagwan Mahaveer Marg, Sector 44,
Gurugram, Haryana 122003


These leadership institutes and training centers are provided to you by thinkers point after doing all the research . We are looking forward to helping you in every manner we can.These institutes are referred to you on the reviews if their alumni and facilities which they provide.They provide best facilities in infrastructure as well as in faculty and will definitely help you to meet your required expectation.They all are well known in the state and provide their best to help you in every way possible.

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