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Intrapersonal Skills

intrapersonal skills

Intrapersonal skills are all about self-awareness and controlling your own internal attitudes and inner processes. Your intrapersonal skills form the inspiration on which you build your relationships with others. Because they assist you more easily navigate your interpersonal relationships. Foremost important intrapersonal skills include: Analytical Thinking Delegation Productivity Resilience Resourcefulness Strategic Thinking Vision These are […]

Non-verbal Communication: Importance of Proper Body Language

non verbal communication

Non-verbal communication is the type of communication which does not involve speaking or writing. It is far more beyond the world of words and speeches. Non-verbal communication is a type of communication that happens with the exchange of signals, gestures, body language, facial expressions, and many more. We have often heard the proverb, ‘Action speaks […]

Verbal Communication: A Skill to Master

verbal communication

Do you want to learn about verbal communication? If someone asks you this question, you would be replying with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. This is what is known as verbal communication. Something which is in spoken or written form comes under verbal communication. Communicating (the process of sending and receiving messages) orally (speaking) or […]

Writing Skills

writing skill

Writing Skills is something that enhances our personality and creates a very impressive first impression. It is an integral part of communication skills. We can say, even the important part, as these days having good communication skills is quite important to make your message and thoughts very clear to the world. “Good writing is clear […]

Listening Skills

Importance of listening

In today’s world where we are always surrounded by stress and anxiety disorders, communication becomes really important. But it is seen that we spend less time listening to each other and as this skill has faded. We have no time for others and we ignore the fact that listening skills are vital for good communication […]

Story-Telling Skills

story telling

Meaning Of Storytelling Skills Stories are an efficient way of presenting your imagination, thoughts, feelings, and ideas to people. they need the ability to inspire, motivate, and alter your opinions. Telling stories has always been proved to be the foremost efficient way of communication. Storytelling has become the business buzzword since the eruption of advertising, […]


interpersonal skills

Interpersonal communication skills or people’s communication skills are the most important part of the skills that employers seek for, these days. Recruiters seek for good communicators in their employees. With this, we can conclude that good communication skills are very important in the workplace and play a crucial role in success. We know that communicating […]