7 Signs That You Were Born To Be An Entrepreneur


The word ‘entrepreneur’ originated in the 18th century by French. But entrepreneurs existed since the beginning of our evolution as ‘homo-sapien’. At starting of the evolution, entrepreneurs used to trade with the tools which help in hunting down animals, then they started trading with sea-shells, pearls, carved stone, etc. and the legacy keeps evolving with new business ideas since then itself.

So, entrepreneurship is in our DNA either we accept it or not. Here are the 7 signs that you’re born to be an entrepreneur and follow the call of your DNA –

1. You Don’t Fit in the Box

Have you ever realized that you don’t go with the flow as everyone is going?

It could be in between a school or college lecture that you felt like what the hell they’re teaching for and teaching about it’s useless and impractical for our life. Or it could be your job – it seems like you didn’t fit in the box, you can’t waste your whole life by doing the same repetitive things over and over again. If you could relate to anything mentioned above then congrats you started realizing that you meant to do something bigger.

2. You Never Afraid of Taking Risks

“The future belongs to risk-takers not comfort seekers” – Brian Tracy

If this quote fits your personality then it shows your entrepreneurship traits of risk-taking ability.

3. You Never Afraid of Trying Something New and Innovative


Whether it’s working on a specific project of the school, college or job you always came with unique and fresh ideas that blew everyone’s mind. You are in love with trying something new and innovative which shows your entrepreneurial side.

4. You Deliver More with Fewer Resources

Whether you had resources or not but when you had determined to achieve any specific goal you do it within the available resource. In India, this is known as ‘Jugaad’ (makeshift)

This is one of the most important traits of entrepreneurs.

5. Never Giving up Attitude

Whether you tried something new, it didn’t work, then you changed your way till it works but you focussed on achieving that objective at every cost.
You keep changing your methods, attitude or idea instead of changing the goals. If it happens to you then welcome to entrepreneurs club.

6. Look for the Solution, not for the Problem

Whenever you faced any problems you take it as a challenge and instead of frustrating, stressing and thinking about the problems you looked for the approaches that in how many ways you could tackle this problem.

You are a solution-oriented person and this is all you need to be an entrepreneur.

7. Entrepreneur – Leading by Example

Your teammates are stuck in the middle of the problems and instead of telling them ‘what to do’, you show them ‘how to do’.

And this is the point which shows the difference between a true entrepreneur and a boss and also tells that – ‘you are born leader, which is meant to lead.

Aman Verma
Aman Verma

I am an entrepreneur, YouTuber, content creator & your next door neighbourhood guy who’s still in search of his true passion by exploring new things. What defines him the best is his problem-solving ability despite the challenges. He had a great appetite for gaining new knowledge and learning new skills.

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