Think – What Skill should one learn?

What should i learn

What skill should one learn?
In today’s world, we live in a very dynamic social environment. Advancing technologies, fluctuating markets, changing economies, fast innovations amidst all this we, as people cannot let ourselves be stuck. We too have to be dynamic and focused on climbing our respective ladders of self-growth. Learning new things that interest us and making use of it becomes very crucial in this context. The brain capacity of a human brain is enormous and learning new skills can change the structure of the brain in such a way the brain nerves work more efficiently. Learning a new skill can help you get your creative juices to flow and you never know what kind of an impact you can have when you have some kind of specialized knowledge.

What Skill should one learn?

The question is a very subjective one. The answer requires deep introspection on a personal level. Before investing your time into learning a new skill you must consider a few factors.

  • Firstly, if it is something that genuinely interests you
  • Secondly, if you have the aptitude for it or not
  • And, thirdly if it will be relevant for your future career that is yet to come

You could start by thinking of relevant skills excite you or something that drives your passion. Past achievements and recalling childhood experiences may also help. Figuring out what’s best for you is something only you can do for yourself getting influenced by other people or doing what they are doing can prove to be a big mistake. It should be related to something that makes you happy or keeps you engaged voluntarily. 

Think & Testing/knowing your aptitude

It is of crucial importance it shouldn’t be such that you try on gaining knowledge about statistics when you know you don’t have a quantitative aptitude maybe you are good with creative writing and that is what you should inculcate and work upon. There are plenty of psychometric tests available online that help you know where your aptitude lies. If you have an analytical aptitude~you can look at the bigger picture given small pieces of information you could probably excel in the financial sector and hence you should work upon learning model building, excel, statistics and data processing.

If you’re good with problem-solving and critical thinking you should learn different coding and operating computer software. Someone with excellent spatial intelligence would probably find it interesting in designing various architectural models, learning software like CAD and auto CAD. Someone with good linguistic skills will find it easy to grasp new languages and doing blogging. There are a plethora of skills to choose the one that suits you. 

Think, The very first and most important step of doing anything is thinking. The process of thinking makes the picture clear in one’s mind:

What should we do?

How should one Learn any skill?

Where should one Experience our Skills?

Where does our interest lie? And many more.

Simran Behl

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