Blogging From Beginning – How to Start a Blog From Scratch?

how to start blogging

A blog is an article that focuses on any particular genre. There are many genres. There are many genres that can be picked by bloggers. Mainly bloggers write about their personal experiences so that they can directly get in touch with their readers. Maintaining connections with their readers is always a priority for bloggers. Any person will only follow you if they have a sense of belongingness and connection with the blog and with you. So, In this article, we will talk about “How to Start blogging as a beginner.

Why is it Important to Maintain a Connection with Audience?

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This is the most common question that arises in the mind of young bloggers or when you start blogging. The audience or readers are the groups of people who will help you in surviving the competition of the market. Readers or the viewers are the people for whom we bloggers post our content. It is very important to maintain a connection with the audience when you start blogging.

Should you start Blogging?

Before start learning “how to start blogging?” one always think should I start blogging?

Breaking all the stereotypes I would like to contradict one of the most common misconceptions that only great writers, celebrities, and renowned personalities can write a blog. ‘No’ this is not true. People write and read blogs to gain a perspective. Writing and sharing your views, is never out of trend. Anyone who is interested in writing and sharing views they can easily start the journey of inspiring people.

Let’s Know More About Writing A Blog or More About How to Start Blogging?

There are certain things you need to keep in mind and decide beforehand. There are a few points that play an important role in our blogs. These points are as follows:

how to start blog
  1. Decide the niche for your blog
  2. Pick a blog name
  3. Customize your blog
  4. Promotion of the blog
  5. A platform for the blog
  6. Monetize your blog

1. Decide the Niche for your Blog

Whenever you start writing blogs the first step is to decide your Niche. “Niche” here means to analyst your area of interest and topic in which you are really interested and can create your own content. Deciding and sticking to your niche is very important as it helps the audiences or readers to relate with you and your blog.

2. Pick up a Blog Name

Name is the identity for everything. Everyone will remember you and your blog with the name you give it. Attractive/catchy name is very important and plays an important role in attracting audience to your blog.

3. Customize your Blog

Your blog should be unique in every aspect and it should be your name and not copied from anywhere. It should be original and have 0% plagiarism.

4. Promotion of the Blog

Writing and posting is not the only task for the blogger. If the blog or the blogger is not known then there is no use of writing and wasting time over something that is invisible to everyone.

5. Platform for the Blog

Choosing the platform wisely is very important. Before choosing the platform, one should always see the offering that the platform is offering us. Thinkerspoint also offers a platform to everyone where everyone can create their own platforms. There are many others like WordPress, Bloggers, Linkedin, etc.

6. Monetize your Blog

Earning is also a priority for all of us. What can be great than earning from the things we love to do. Monetization plays the role of motivator.

In a nutshell, everyone can be a blogger and there are no technical prerequisites to start a blog. We just need to decide wisely and think about all the points positively. So this is How you can start writing a Blog.

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