Top 5 Challenges you Face when Starting Something New

Top 5 Challenges when Starting Something New

Are you planning to start something new? It could be anything like any start-up, website, Instagram page, YouTube channel, bodybuilding or developing any new skill. Then you will face these top 5 Challenges when starting something new.

Then you’ll tend to face these top 5 challenges when starting something new :

1. It becomes Repetitive and Boring

When you’ll start something new your brain is programmed to release a lot of dopamine which makes you excited and enthusiastic about your work.

But after a few weeks that excitement starts fading slowly, now you aren’t excited as much as before because the process becomes repetitive and repetitiveness of any activity leads to boredom.

How to Deal?

Instead of falling in love with the idea, you need to fall in love with the process.

2. It Makes you Impatience

You set your expectation bar so high; if you don’t meet your goal in a short period, say in a few months (which is unlikely) it starts giving you anxiety and makes you impatient.

This results in the downfall of your productivity, the more you expect the less productive you’ll become.

How to deal?

Don’t be short-sighted for your goals, it takes a lot of time and above that lot of blood and sweat. If it meant to be easy then why not everyone is doing that?

Top 5 Challenges when Starting Something New

3. It Traps you in the Comparison Game

Don’t you feel demotivated when you find the person earning in millions, getting fame and idolized by everyone but on the other hand you’re achieving nothing by doing the same task?

If you feel so then you’re trapped in the comparison game and this is the worst you can do to yourself and your goals. This is very natural but toxic human behavior when starting something new.

How to Deal?

Stop comparing your level 1 with someone’s level 100 instead of doing this, see the amount of work and dedication they had put to reach that level.

4. It Increases Your Self-Doubt

When you don’t achieve your objectives as per expectation then you surround yourself by clouds of self-doubt. You question your ability, skills and, a vulnerability that provokes insecurities inside you.

The worst thing you can do to yourself at this phase is – quitting

How to Deal?

You need to accept the fact that every person in this world is different, so that means it may take more or less time to achieve your goals.

Don’t quit or change your goal instead change your approach towards the problem.

5) It Makes you Vulnerable Toward your Friends and Family

Whenever you start something new the resistance you face is from your family; and, the mockery you face is from your friends itself.

This is a harsh but sad reality of today’s era. You are the most vulnerable to your friends and family  they are the one who holds you back from reaching your full potential.

How to Deal?

If you are facing resistance from your family then it means they don’t understand your dreams and goals; until you achieve them.

Choose your company and friends wisely if they are laughing at you instead of motivating, then they are below your level because those are below your level are the one who pulls you down.

So, these are top 5 Challenges you face when starting something new.

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Aman Verma
Aman Verma

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