3 Mental Hacks To Achieve Consistency

3 mental hacks to achieve consistency

3 Mental Hacks to Achieve Consistency

“We’ve found in all our research studies that the signature of mediocrity is not an unwillingness to change; the signature of mediocrity is chronic inconsistency” — Jim Collins & Morten T. Hanson (Great By Choice)

Everyone knew that consistency is the key to success, even after knowing this we always fail to become consistent.

Example –

  • Health – how many times you had joined the gym to quit it after a few weeks?
  • Big decision – since how many years you keep making and breaking new year resolutions regarding life-changing decisions?
  • Financial – you want to make a big leap for financial decisions but quit practicing in a few years after some small loss.
  • Skill – you know that you need to keep practicing more often to master that skill but why you left practicing in a few months?

Reason Why You’re Struggling To Achieve Consistency

  • Higher Expectation – you want to achieve long term goals in the short time frame.
  • Result Oriented – You are more focused on the result instead of the process be a ‘process-oriented’ person instead of ‘result-oriented’.

Higher expectations of getting the results in short time and focussing more on the results instead of the process could lead to anxiety and this kills your enthusiasm. Due to this, you’re more likely to break the chain of consistency.

So, I’m suggesting 3 mental hacks to achieve consistency.

1. Always Keep 3 P’s In Your Mind – Purpose, Path & Plan

  • Purpose – If you don’t have a purpose why you’re starting anything then there is 99.99% that you’ll never finish it. So, first of all, figure out the purpose.
  • Path – After finding your purpose you must brainstorm how you’ll reach from point-A to point-B.
  • Plan – You must plan in order to put every puzzle pieces in their place. Make a definite goal with multiple alternatives to backup your micro-failure, if it’s not working in one way then it’ll work in another.

But please don’t put any time constraints against your goals, yeah you can put expected time to complete but that doesn’t need to be taken seriously.

I had committed this mistake many times by putting time limitations against my goal which only leads to anxiety and depression so, beware of it.

3 mental hacks to achieve consistency

2. Apply F.O.C.U.S. In Your Life

‘Follow One Course Until Success’

Decide a routine for yourself, take as much time you need for it. But when decided to stick to it – eating habits, reading, workout, exercise, work hours, meeting, networking, events.

It might seem boring but the cliche is it’s 100% proven and works every time. That’s why I said to take as much time to decide to research your routine because the world’s most successful people also had the most boring and repetitive routine, maybe that’s the reason for their success.

3. Prioritize

Just find out what you needed the most and to what extent you could go to achieve that. It could be anything like – muscular body with abs, millions of followers, lot’s of money, featuring on 30 under 30 Forbes list, becoming top influencers, having a start-up worth billion dollars.

You must prioritize that particular activity over everything, your enthusiasm toward that goal will tell you how badly you wanted to make it happen. So, you must act accordingly and do whatever you can to achieve that goal each and every day.

These are 3 Mental Hacks to Achieve Consistency. Read Again & Implement it in your life.

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