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3 Mental Hacks To Achieve Consistency

3 mental hacks to achieve consistency

3 Mental Hacks to Achieve Consistency “We’ve found in all our research studies that the signature of mediocrity is not an unwillingness to change; the signature of mediocrity is chronic inconsistency” — Jim Collins & Morten T. Hanson (Great By Choice) Everyone knew that consistency is the key to success, even after knowing this we […]

Living In Present Moment – The Art Of Now

Living in present

Do you have a habit of forgetting small-small things? Like where you had kept your specs, where your black socks are, you forgot where you kept the key last time, & the list continues. If yes, then this doesn’t mean that you are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease or had short-term memory loss problem. The problem […]

Mental Peace – 3 Proven Tips To Achieve Peace Of Mind

Mental Peace

At present time depression, anxiety, panic, worry, tension & stress are becoming today’s ‘New NORMAL’. It’s really tough to calm your mind and get rid of all this or getting mental Peace. The simple reason behind this ‘New Normal’ is you are a force to buy insecurities. People are pushing you to buy insecurities in […]

Education System: What’s Wrong With It?

education system

Our Education System “I didn’t fail school, school failed me” — Gary Vaynerchuck Cramming more than 30+ subjects, 8 hours of classes for 20 years, 3 hours of exam based upon how well you mugged-up the 1 year of the syllabus. You got college admission based upon school result, you got job-based upon college degree, […]

Want To Overcome The Fear Of Failure? – Let’s Do It By Reverse Psychology

fear of failure

Failure, for many of us this word is enough to make us afraid to start something new, isn’t it? Failing is the most embarrassing and humiliating for anyone, it demotivates in such to such an extent that there’s no motivation left to start again or overcome the fear of failure. If you agree upon the […]

How To Become Fearless?

How to Become Fearless

“How to become Fearless?” So, What will be your reaction if I tell you that you’re born with only 2 fears? Fear of loud sound and fear of falling. Just like you, I also didn’t believe this fact so I googled about it and checked several articles. I study, and research to confirm it and […]