Education System: What’s Wrong With It?

education system

Our Education System

“I didn’t fail school, school failed me” — Gary Vaynerchuck

Cramming more than 30+ subjects, 8 hours of classes for 20 years, 3 hours of exam based upon how well you mugged-up the 1 year of the syllabus. You got college admission based upon school result, you got job-based upon college degree, you got 20-50 thousand of salary after wasting lakhs even crore rupees in these institutions. Still, there’s no guarantee from these institutions that you’ll get a job or not.

This is how I define the education system of the present time in a single paragraph. Don’t you find something wrong with it? Isn’t it depressing? Does really it worth your money even your child’s precious time?

1. Don’t Allow Mistake.

How do you learn something new? By doing it with a mistake, learning from the mistake, and doing it properly.

But what if I told you that – you aren’t allowed to make any mistake, in case you commit mistake then you’ll be punished for it even worse you will be humiliated in front of kids of the same age group.

After knowing this what you will do? You will stop learning something new even if you want it so badly but you’ll be afraid to do it because of punishment and humiliation. This is what the education system does your child.

2. Grading System.

The grading system was introduced during the ‘Industrial Revolution’ for grading the product of different qualities in factories. It is a process of applying standardized measurements of varying levels of products produced in a factory.

Believe it or not, the same model is adopted for the education system during the 19th century. This model was known as ‘The Factory Model Of Education’ and the same model is still followed by the majority without any questioning.

Do you know what the irony is? you are being treated like a product and parents got so much happy when they got a product worth higher grade but got embarrassed when they got the product of lower grade.

Sometimes you yourself don’t understand the illusion created by this system because this system is designed in such a way which doesn’t allow you to think outside the box i.e. their syllabus, if you ever try to think outside the box then you only think about how to go in the better factory.

3. Cramming Not Learning.

You’re given a particular set of subjects per year, then among those subjects, you’re given a well-defined syllabus which is followed by 1 year of lectures. With a set number of the period at the end of the year, there will be an exam of 3 hours where your ability is tested by how well crammed up those subjects according to the syllabus.

But there’s a twist instead of learning the whole year. We used to mug-up those lessons just before a week or a day before examination and get passed.

How cute is it? Even for those given subjects, you don’t need to use your own brain and efforts because the teacher is there to provide you notes. Even if you try to use your own brain then the teacher will scold you. That how dare you to not follow their way of teaching.

education system

4. Kills Child’s Creativity & Curiosity.

First of all these institutions will take your precious 8 hours from 24 hours. For the rest of the hours, they will burden you with homework, assignment, and project. Even if you manage to take out some extra time for yourself then parental and societal pressure will eat them up in the name of tuition or coaching for getting good grades and admission in a good college.

If you’re smart enough to overcome all these hurdles and try to do something new. Then again the same institution instead of motivating you and your talent will discourage you to such an extent that you’ll not dare to try again. Because all they see you a worker for the factories not some human being with dreams and ambition.

5. They Teach Only Theory

Do you ever heard of any course followed by school or college which taught your children the following things :

How to face failure, find passion, think creatively, handle, manage & invest money, manage time. How to negotiate, communicate properly, handle depression and stress, overcome heartbreaks. What is the Importance of sex education? How to become a good person and a law-abiding citizen.

These are the basic life lesson which we came to know about later by friends or by reading some books. Some of the things are so crucial that we didn’t know even after growing up like financial education and sex education. Really, what’s wrong with our education system?

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