How To Become Fearless?

How to Become Fearless

“How to become Fearless?” So, What will be your reaction if I tell you that you’re born with only 2 fears? Fear of loud sound and fear of falling.

Just like you, I also didn’t believe this fact so I googled about it and checked several articles. I study, and research to confirm it and it turns out to be true. So, if you’re born with only two natural fears then what about the rest of the fears?

In this article, we will discuss where all these fears embedded in us and how to overcome that in order to become a fearless person or “how to become fearless”.

Origin Of ‘Non-Essential’ Fears.

Every fear that we have is from our culture, family, religion, or in short, we can say that ‘outward influence’.

Example –

Fear of dating comes when we see our peers getting rejected, fear of trying something new comes from fear of failure, fear of approaching stranger comes because our parents told us in our childhood, fear of eating a particular animal is sin in a particular religion, fear of taking a risk because we had seen someone who had taken risk failing terribly.

So, from all these examples it’s clear that we accumulate fears from the outward influence it’s not something we are born with, that means these are made-up fears and could be overcome easily.

Some Fears Are Essential

We need to accept the fact that some of the fears we accumulate from outward influence are also essential for our survival because we as human beings are always exposed to lots of dangers.

Example –

If you don’t fear speed while driving you could meet with an accident if you don’t fear wild animals you could be hunted down by them, if you don’t fear fire then you could cause damage to yourself along with your near and dear ones if you don’t fear deep water you could be drowned in ocean or seas easily.

We need to always keep in mind that if some fears hamper our growth then some fear also helps us to survive on this planet, we need to be open-minded to differentiate between these fears and act accordingly.

Overcoming Fears : 3 Steps To Become Fearless

Step 1: Know Your Fear

You really need to brainstorm that what afraid of you the most and becoming a hurdle between you and your success.

Step 2: Own Your Fear

After knowing your fear you need to own it, accept it and take responsibility for that fear. Until unless you didn’t accept and opened-up about your fear you can’t work upon it.

Step 3: Tame Your Fear

You know your fear, you accepted your fear now it’s time to tame it. Just think fear like some animal if you want to tame it then you need to make it your friend, visit him on regular basis, treat it, spend time with it but instead of doing this you keep afraid with him or hate him then it won’t work in any way.

So, keep yourself motivated to hurdle every fear and problem of your life.

Aman Verma
Aman Verma

I am an entrepreneur, YouTuber, content creator & your next door neighbourhood guy who’s still in search of his true passion by exploring new things. What defines him the best is his problem-solving ability despite the challenges. He had a great appetite for gaining new knowledge and learning new skills.

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