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Tiktok Marketing

tiktok marketing

Tiktok v/s YouTube came into the picture when Tiktoker Amir Siddiqui roasted YouTubers, after that YouTuber Carryminati took retaliation to Tiktokers, I guess I don’t need to describe it further. Tiktok is one of the most downloaded apps not only in its originated place in China but across the world. It should be no surprise […]

Youtube Vs. TikTok 2020

Tiktok vs Youtube War 2020

TikTok, everyone must have heard of this app, this app is in news these days as there is huge feud named YouTube vs. TikTok, is going on. In fact this has started a movement on twitter with a #tag “#IndiansAgainstTikTok” which is trending on twitter. TikTok TikTok, an app created by a Chinese company ByteDance. This app […]