Youtube Vs. TikTok 2020

Tiktok vs Youtube War 2020

TikTok, everyone must have heard of this app, this app is in news these days as there is huge feud named YouTube vs. TikTok, is going on. In fact this has started a movement on twitter with a #tag “#IndiansAgainstTikTok” which is trending on twitter.


TikTok, an app created by a Chinese company ByteDance. This app took the world by storm as it attracted teenagers and spread like fire on gasoline. But the question is, why did this happen?

The answer can be given in one word, “Liberation.” This app liberated the users from all the hassles and complications of being a so, called content creator. It spread among youngsters and not just the ones who are in their teens but also pre-primary students.

Tiktok vs Youtube

How Tik-Tok Liberated Content Creators?

But still, how did this happen? 
The app’s interface is so simplified that it can be used by anyone. You want to create content but don’t know what to do? TikTok is your answer. It gave you filters, control over recording speed, and professional sounds and music. It gave liberation so you can create content like YouTubers but in a much easier way. 

What Instagram did with photography, the same thing TikTok did with content creation just made it easier. But, what if you don’t want to create? Well then just sit back and relax and scroll through the endless content uploaded on TikTok. You don’t even need to scroll the content it moves forward on its own.

Why TikTok is Successful in India? 

TikTok’s success in India is all because of the company’s experience in China. Both countries have similar demographics. Their experience in China helped them spread in India too. It spread like a wild-fire in rural areas as this app gave them a chance to be famous. 
TikTok provides the platform and it’s easily available all you need is a smartphone. So it is an opportunity for the rural kids. It’s their 15 seconds to fame.

How Does Tik-Tok Get Its Organic Reach?

This simple framework also helps TikTok to get more organic reach than any other social media platform. Its endless scrolling makes it addictive. People don’t face any difficulty while exploring content and this helps in generating higher organic reach.
For you to attract maximum organic reach on TikTok it is preferred to stay authentic and true. For example, Justin Cottle who works for The Institute of Human Anatomy uses human cadavers to teach people worldwide about human anatomy all thanks to the strength of organic reach on TikTok.
Teaching is the best way to produce authentic content, Cottle suggested. This has helped IOHA as their content is already very unique, but Cottle is sure that teaching can help other creators too. For example, makeup tutorials, dance tutorials, etc. 

And if you still doubt all this just look at what’s happening around you. This YouTube vs. TikTok feud made every youngster drop everything and even made them forget about the pandemic situation going across the globe. And just in case if you are wondering if all this is for kids just remember that social media spreads through kids and reaches adults in no time. Facebook was just for college students to connect around the campus, Instagram got popular among teens and people in their twenties before reaching the adults and TikTok has already taken over everyone in China and India and soon it will reach out to every single human. 

Youtube Vs. TikTok

This is a feud started by a bunch of YouTubers and TikTokers trying to prove that ones platform is better then others. First of all it’s not a fair comparison as both applications have different concepts. So, YouTube vs. TikTok isn’t fair at all. As YouTube is more complicated and rigid while TikTok is just simple and flexible. YouTube vs. TikTok is also unfair because YouTube has been longer is a much bigger platform than TikTok.

In the end whatever side you pick the truth remains the same, if used wisely TikTok can change the way we see digital content creation forever.


How to get paid on TikTok?

YouTuber has a partner program under which they share ad revenue. TikTok doesn’t have such program but you can still earn if you figure out how to monetize your audience. Follow the trend and gain followers. Approach the brands and sign brand deals and you will benefit from them as influencer. Seeing this YouTubers vs. TikTokers feud doesn’t seem like a fair fight.

Is TikTok good for marketing?

TikTok is currently the perfect platform for marketing as its huge user base helps its user to get the biggest organic reach in comparison to other social networking websites. Even at this position TikTok is providing so much to its users. YouTube vs. TikTok is about the cringe content majorly, but because of tha we should not give up on this opportunity

What makes TikTok unique?

TikTok’s interface is what makes it unique. It has simplifies the art of filmmaking, as it provides full control over filters, video duration and recording speed and we cannot forget about the unlimited content available on TikTok which can be accessed through scrolling. Meanwhile YouTube is more professional and doesn’t give much flexibility and control to its users, which again doesn’t make YouTube vs. TikTok a fair comparison

Why is TikTok rating falling?

This feud has spread across India and Indians adds to a big chunk of TikTok’s user base. TikTok respect the YouTubers a lot which caused them to leave TikTok and give review against the app. In fact this feud is trending all over twitter by #tags YouTube vs. TikTok and IndiaAgainstTikTok.

Why is TikTok so popular?

Popularity of TikTok also depends on its simplified user interface. The easy access of its content makes people addicted to the app. You can just simply scroll down or tap on the going on trend to stream the endless content.

Why is there cringe content on TikTok?

Well the thing at blame here is not TikTok, it’s the users. There is cringe content on TikTok because people make and share such content with the world. But there is one thing when it comes to cringe content, it is available on every social networking site but the others are easily able to suppress such content. YouTube does it expertly, while, TikTok fails to address this issue. In YouTube vs. TikTok when it comes to cringe content YouTube hides it well but one thing we don’t is if TikTok fails in hiding or it does all this by choice.

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