What Will They Think About You?

what will they think about you?

What will they think about your path?

What will they think is a question that is always stuck in our mind making us choose the path that everyone has walked on and which leads to an ideal career (ideal according to the people with old notions). You choose to go different many others will follow you, some with inspiration and some just to watch you fail. Yes, many people do judge and they will keep doing this on each step of your life. Luckily for all of us, this world has changed drastically, so there is more inspiration rather than judgment. Forget the peeps with an old notion and focus on the world more and look around yourself.

After you do this you will realize that the only thing standing between you and your goal is just your fear for society. You fear the opinions of society and I say don’t care about it. They are stuck in their trap and they are trying to pull you down with them, don’t worry about them. This forward-moving world and it will eliminate those who are just stuck in the past.

So, now we know that majorly there are two types of people, those who judge you and those who don’t. This brings us to only one question, i.e., what should we do? Well, it completely depends on what kind of people are you dealing with:

1) Those who judge: 

As I said this is a forward-moving world, so the people will change and those who don’t, their opinions won’t matter anymore. The funny fact is if you don’t listen and you succeed then they will try taking all the credit by saying “I always knew there’s something in you.” 

What they want to say is that they were the first ones to find you and your talent. The other scenario is if you listen and you succeed then they will bury you under a lifelong debt and they will say “It was me who guided you to success.” 

What is even funnier is that if you fail? Then they will blame it all on you, they won’t accept that they tried to push you towards something you were never meant to do. So basically when you fall, they will criticize you and when you succeed, they will push you back and will stand in front to take the credit

2.) Those who don’t judge: – 

In this fast-moving world, you are almost invisible to others so you don’t have to worry as they won’t judge even if you fail. This brings both positive and negative effects according to your situation. Negative is if you fail, they will just walk past you and nobody will try to help you but the positive side is if you succeed then you will become an inspiration because in the end you chased your dream and you achieved what you were destined for. 

what will they think about you

What will they think about your reality?

What will they think is not only about career, but people are also afraid to accept their reality. Nobody will tell you its fine to choose your sexuality if it goes against what others call natural. But it doesn’t matter because it is your reality. You might feel alone and yes you might want others to approve of your love.

The reality is if you are happy and comfortable with it then its fine. There’s still a lot of criticism in this world regarding sexuality and this criticism will stay here for a long time but that doesn’t mean its right. You can’t control what you feel about someone and you can’t control love. Forcing it on someone else by calling it natural is just destructive because love is to set you free from all worldly troubles and love is like a river it should be free to flow but if you force it then all it does is destruct. 

Don’t Wait for Anything

Don’t wait for the world to change and don’t wait for its acceptance towards the reality you choose for yourself. Just go for it the world will get along, it has to get along, it will get along for sure. By not accepting your reality you might put a smile on a few faces but you will keep hurting yourself in each moment of your life. So accept what you feel and share it, the others accept it or not well it’s their headache, not yours.

The best thing is when you stand for yourself you bring courage to many others and then everyone has this spark in them to speak up their reality. Just keep saying this to yourself that “yes this is my life and I will live it the way I want and I’ll be what I want to be and I’ll love whomsoever I want to love.” Be free and live your life to the fullest.

In the end, all I want to say is life is big and it will give you lots of moments to cherish and will give you loads of happy memories but it will always be too short if you will surround yourself with the thought that What will they think about you?

aman rustagi
Aman Rustagi

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