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Importance of Knowledge in Life

importance of knowledge

A person who knows all is called an omniscient and do you know who’s known as an omniscient? God. But the question is why I am telling you this? Why am I talking about an omniscient? The answer is because I want you to understand the importance of knowledge. See knowledge helps us to evolve […]

My Happiness Boosters


Fact: Happiness is not only emotion it also strengthens your immune, protects your heart, combats stress, reduces aches and pains and lengthens our life. In this fast-moving world and I am not just talking about its actual speed (which is very fast: 1000 miles per hour), I am talking about the busy life we all […]

What Will They Think About You?

what will they think about you?

What will they think about your path? What will they think is a question that is always stuck in our mind making us choose the path that everyone has walked on and which leads to an ideal career (ideal according to the people with old notions). You choose to go different many others will follow […]