Importance of Knowledge in Life

importance of knowledge

A person who knows all is called an omniscient and do you know who’s known as an omniscient? God. But the question is why I am telling you this? Why am I talking about an omniscient? The answer is because I want you to understand the importance of knowledge.

See knowledge helps us to evolve but at present people focus more on rote learning rather than consuming knowledge. As the word, omniscient suggests if you are knowledgeable, you’re god.

But the problem is humans mostly live for 80 years, so basically by the time you’re 20, and you have already lived 25% of your life doing what?

Learning alphabets, learning how to add and subtract, and as the education gets tougher the learning changes into mugging up. So basically you spent 25% of your life doing nothing.

Whose Fault is It?

Sad right? But don’t be so hard on yourself; it’s not entirely your fault. The problem is the education system these days is nothing but business, you pay and you get the report card.

Even your parents want a child with higher percentile not higher knowledge. But if you are somewhere between 15-20 and you realize that this is a problem and you are waiting for everything to change then it is your fault too.

What you should do?

The right thing to do here is what your school and parents aren’t able to provide you, you provide it to yourself. You belong to the generation of “the internet,” so if you think that what they are teaching you is not enough then you look it up on the internet.

See the concept is simple, just focus on expanding yourself. Don’t get stuck on your courses, subjects or your job explore more and learn more. 


Develop more and more skills and it doesn’t matter if these skills help you with your education or your job or not. What matters is that one should never stop learning. Something somewhere will help you.

The more you know and the more skills you have the more chances you get in life. You took a hobby or an interesting subject and you learned it then it might help you somewhere in the future. Steve Jobs refers to this as “Connecting the dots.”

Practical Approach

See this is simple, everyone has a different pace of learning but this world is huge so educational institutes take a big chunk of the population and create their curriculum according to the average time needed by the students.

A kid can learn alphabets in 2-3 months or a kid might take a whole year, but when these kids are in the same standard and let’s say the duration of this standard is 6 months and then the students graduate to the next standard, so for the kid who takes 2-3 months this will slow him down and the kid who takes a year this will be too fast for him so he might not graduate

Now take this example and apply it in your life, your college or office might be too slow for you so what you should do is to speed up the process for yourself and as I said, you belong to the internet generation so use it for your benefit.

Understand the difference between rote learning and knowledge; this will help you evolve into something much greater. In the end, you may or may not become an omniscient but you still can be the next best thing, “A Knowledgeable Man.” 

aman rustagi
Aman Rustagi

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