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Happiness is not only emotion it also strengthens your immune, protects your heart, combats stress, reduces aches and pains and lengthens our life.

In this fast-moving world and I am not just talking about its actual speed (which is very fast: 1000 miles per hour), I am talking about the busy life we all are living. Study/work the whole day and then come back home, eat some food, relax a bit and then sleep. In all this action we forget to smile often and then slowly it starts affecting us. We become frustrated and fall sick more often. 

Today I am going to tell you about “My Happiness Boosters,” which includes the things I do to keep myself happy and positive. This list has all the activities which help me beat the negative attitude and help me create a positive outlook towards life.

My Happiness Boosters

1. Music


Scientifically music makes you happy because it causes the brain to release “Dopamine,” a feel-good chemical substance. This helps you stay positive and motivated because of this; people also prefer listening to music while studying or working as it increased productivity.

Creating that perfect playlist is necessary as it will help you go through every situation which makes you unhappy. Fun thing is that there is no wrong way of creating the playlist, your way is the right way. For me listening to Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande works perfectly and EDM helps me stay energetic and increases my productivity. 

(I am right now listening to “Fly by Marshmello” while writing this blog)

2. Books

happiness booster

Nothing is better than a good book when it comes to elevating your mood. There are no specific criteria as any genre can work for you. From fiction to biographies any book can help you reach a state where any worldly worries stop bothering you and you feel at peace.

A book provides knowledge and entertainment at the same time. Reading also helps you in increasing your focus which results in productivity.

3. Family Time

happiness booster

Family is amazing as it creates an environment of love and happiness and it also helps you push through the worst periods of your life. Even just 10-20 minutes of family time can elevate your mood and makes you feel more positive. Sharing your problems with family sheds off a huge weight of your chest and you feel more confident and focused.

4. Exercise


Exercise helps you in maintaining your physical and mental health. What exercise does is that it elevates your heart-rate which makes your heart pump more oxygen to your brain. The well-oxygenated brain helps you to manage anxiety and depression.

Aerobic exercises help your body to release “Endorphins” which helps in reducing the pain. So the more you work out the more positive and happy you feel.

5. Gaming


Here I am talking about any sort of entertainment, for me, it’s the gaming and to be more specific am talking about digital games. Any sort of action, adventure or racing game gives me enough adrenaline to lift my mood and makes me feel happy. Well, who doesn’t like to have a chicken dinner at the end of a busy and stressful day?

Conclusion: These happiness boosters can vary from person to person as some might like to cook, sing or dance or to do anything they love. But for me, it’s these 5 things.

aman rustagi
Aman Rustagi

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