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Habits for a Successful Lifestyle

Habits for a successful lifestyle

We all strive to have a successful lifestyle but to achieve that we need to have some set of “Habits” which when followed can transform you and help you to achieve more in life. Before we start to understand that habits whether good or bad are formed over a long period. So, if you want […]

Living In Present Moment – The Art Of Now

Living in present

Do you have a habit of forgetting small-small things? Like where you had kept your specs, where your black socks are, you forgot where you kept the key last time, & the list continues. If yes, then this doesn’t mean that you are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease or had short-term memory loss problem. The problem […]

Self Love – Why Most People Misunderstood This Concept?

Love yourself

What is self-love? Does self-love only mean loving and accepting yourself as you are? Why it is so important for physical and mental health? Drawing Fine Line Between Self-Love and Self-Denial “You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep” – Navajo Proverb Suppose you’re a fat guy or girl, instead of accepting […]

My Happiness Boosters


Fact: Happiness is not only emotion it also strengthens your immune, protects your heart, combats stress, reduces aches and pains and lengthens our life. In this fast-moving world and I am not just talking about its actual speed (which is very fast: 1000 miles per hour), I am talking about the busy life we all […]