As a Man Thinketh (Book Review)

as a man thinketh book review

Book Title: As a Man Thinketh

Author: James Allen

Genre: Self-Help

Rating: 4.4/5

Originally Published: 1903

As a Man Thinketh Review

As a Man Thinketh, written by James Allen is a book which focuses deeply on the cause and effect relationship ones between thought and one’s life. This book tells us that like no plant can grow without a seed, similarly, no man can take an action without the hidden seed of thought.

Even a spontaneous action is a result of a thought which lies in our subconscious mind. So put some focus on how your mind thinks and what it consumes. 

Why this Book?

This book easily stands amongst the top self-help book. The book cautions its readers about everything they feed their mind, any text, any conversation or even a movie can affect deeply the formation of your character. 

The book alerts the reader about the harmful effects of their thoughts. It even says “By the right choice and true application of thought a man ascends to the divine perfections and by the abuse and the wrong application of thought a man descends below the level of beasts.” 

This book is the one you should read with immense focus and should deeply analyse and assess the meaning of each word, sentence and paragraph.

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Take Away From This

The core teaching of the books is that a man does not do anything by his own will or because he just wants to do this, wether he will or will not take action or what action will he take depends all upon the hidden seeds of thought in his subconscious mind. 

This book suggests that if you have impure thoughts then you should learn to endure the impurity and the joy will follow you. Also, a man doesn’t attract what he wants, he always attracts what he is. So change yourself, if you have the seeds of wrong thoughts then start sowing in the right ones. It will take time but hang through it because, in the end, it is worth every second of your life. 

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