Think And Grow Rich (Book Review)

think and grow rich book review

About The Book

Book Title: Think and Grow rich

Author: Napoleon Hill

Genre: Non-fiction (Self-help)

Originally Published: 1937

If there was a list of books on self development that would actually change your life, “Think and Grow Rich” would top the list. This is one of the most random pick in my collection and as I started reading, it came out to be more of a psychological book that creates an impact and leads to a change.

Talking about the author, Napoleon Hill was a journalist and writer who was called in to speak to Andrew Carnegie who was one of the richest people in history. Andrew said I will open the door to the 500 richest people in America so you can interview them, take all their information and put it into a series of books to help other young people be successful much faster. But I’m not going to pay you a penny. What will you do? A few seconds later Napoleon Hill replied with ok I’ll do it. The result of this was a book called Think And Grow Rich.

Quotes that are imprinted in my heart from Think and Grow Rich are:-

  • Thoughts are things.
  • You are “The master of your fate, The captain of your soul,”
  • We refuse to believe that which we don’t understand.

There are many other quotes and poems mentioned in the book that have arguably changed the perspective around. Though some people think of it as a scam or some easy trick or hacks to lure people to buy books. Tricks that sound good but won’t work in real life. But it was not so.

The Main Theme-

The book Think and Grow Rich revolves around the ability to channelize your thinking and to create a healthy belief system.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone as it has been simply divided into small nuggets that are a vital part of our lives and help us in getting answers to unknown questions.

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