Lean In Book Review

lean in book review

Book Title: Lean In

Author: Sheryl Sandberg

Genre: Biography

Originally Published: 2013

Ratings: 4/5

About The Book

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg is a gift from a friend during my college days. The intention behind giving this one was to navigate life in a better way with the help of this book.

This Book provides us with deep insight on why over the year women’s progress in acquiring senior leadership roles has stalled and multiple simple yet compelling solutions to deal with the same.

Lean In Book Review In Author’s Context

While reading the book & During writing Lean In Book Review I noticed, Sheryl draws on her experience in the business world and talks about the existence of gender bias in the workplace. She talks about how even decades after women became half of America’s college graduates, men still hold a high percentage of senior leadership roles. Sandberg also strongly advises women to not leave before they leave, that is, she writes many women aspire to be a leader at the senior position but due to time constraints and burdening of the task of child-rearing and fulfilling other roles, they give up on their dreams.

Lean in book review

She digs deep in these issues identifying that the need of the hour is to simply understand and maintain the balance between both personal and professional life without sacrificing the ambitions.

Not only for women who aspire to be at the top, but she also writes about the graduates and paves their way in the industry by writing her years of experience and knowledge about how to sit at the table, how to negotiate your salary and how to aspire to be at the top.

My Opinion

What is amazing about this book is that Sandberg tells her experience and assesses the situation as it is. Written with experience, humor, and wisdom, Lean in is a book that focuses both on achieving equality and also dealing with the current situation effectively. Lean In does what should have been done decade’s earlier- It talks about the society’s archaic paradigm of working women and stay at home moms and provides us with a rather new perspective.

As Sheryl talks about a sensitive topic of feminism so opinions are from both sides. Few people feel that this book is all about feminism and holds nothing new. They criticize Sheryl and doubt her ability to do something. On the other side of the coin, people appreciate her work and her bravery for writing about something that should have written long ago. So the best way to decide is to read the book.

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