It’s All In Your Head (Book Review)

It's All In Your Head book review

Book Title: It’s All In Your Head

Author: Russ

Genre: Self-Help

Rating: 4.7/5

Originally Published: 2019

It’s All In Your Head Book Review

It’s All In Your Head, written by Russ is a self-help book that motivates the reader to be more mindful of their passion and to start manifesting their dreams. Russ is a well-known rapper who built his empire in the music business from nothing. 

From a very young age, Russ was known for his confidence and his positive attitude towards everything he does even if he was failing at it. This very characteristic of the author helped him to grow and become such a rapper. 

Why this book?

This book is filled with incidents from the author’s own life through which he can explain to the readers how everything he wrote about in this book played a role in his own life. 

It's All In Your Head book review

Russ is a huge believer in manifestation and he explains that one should every part of himself/herself in experiencing that thought even before achieving it. He believes in putting the word out in-universe to get what he desires.

Russ believes in living as if he already achieved what he desired and then let the universe turn it into a reality. 

The takeaway from this book 

Russ tries to explain what is the importance of manifestation, attitude, perseverance and delusion. Author says that to do something big you have to be the most hardworking person and when the results don’t meet your expectations then keep faith in yourself and start moving.

Russ motivates the reader to jump rather than just stand and think about whether they should do something or not. He suggests that the more you think about something the more fear of that particular thing grows on you.

After reading It’s All In Your Head Book Review you must be wanting to read other book reviews and do comment about your favourite part of the book.

Siddhi Vinayak Misra

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