LIMITLESS (Book Review)

limitless book review

Book Title: Limitless

Author: Jim Kwik

Genre: Self-Help

Rating: 4.5/5

Originally Published: 2007

Limitless Book Review

Limitless, written by Jim Kwik is a book that taps into the life of the author himself. Jim Kwik at a very young age suffered a brain injury and because of this injury, he suffered to learn and memorize simple facts, it took him three years longer to learn to read than his peers.

Through this book, Jim wants to tell everyone that the only thing that can stop you from doing something is you.

Why this book?

The author by taking his own life as an example tries to show that there’s no limit to what a human can achieve. Jim Kwik shows how he went from being someone who couldn’t memorize simple facts or read properly to being the best-selling author. 

limitless book review

He shares the method that he utilised to gain the ability to memorise what he reads and how he was able to read books faster than the average readers. 

The takeaway from this book 

Jim tries to explain that if someone isn’t able to improve his/her mental abilities then that person is either limiting his/her mindset, motivation or uses a lousy method of learning. 

The mindset and motivation to do something helps in creating inspiration. When you’re inspired to do something then the limitations you have put on yourself disappears and you’re able to break the barriers. 

When you combine mindset and motivation with method then you start to implement your ideas and start to perform to your truest potential. 

Jim also says that behaviour is driven by belief and we should always address the underlying belief related to that particular task. 

After reading Limitless Book Review you must be wanting to read other book reviews and do comment on your favourite part of the book.

Siddhi Vinayak Misra

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